I, as nearly all of the sport loving community in the USA have quickly fallen in love with NUMEROUS members of the the Team USA Swimming Team.


If we’re not cheering for the competition between Michael Phelps and RyanLochte, or the awesomeness of Natalie Couglin, Rebecca Soni, and Allison Schmitt, then we’re following Missy “the Missle” Franklin (not sure if she’s going to keep that as an official nickname, but it sure fits after her performance in London).

Here’s a break from the serious game face for the USA Swimming team as they rform a light-hearted rendition of the Carly Rae Jepsen song, Call Me Maybe.

Cast of Characters (and their Twitter accounts)

2012 USA Olympic Swim Team
[one_half]Cammile Adams @CammileAdams
Nathan Adrian @Nathangadrian
Alyssa Anderson @alyssaloo930
Haley Anderson @halswims
Elizabeth Beisel @ebeisel34
Ricky Berens @RickyBerens
Rachel Bootsma @r_bootsma15
Clark Burckle @TheClarkB23
Tyler Clary @TylerClary
Natalie Coughlin @NatalieCoughlin
Claire Donahue @clairedonahue
Conor Dwyer @conorjdwyer
Anthony Ervin @AnthonyErvin
Jimmy Feigen @JimmyFeigen
Missy Franklin @FranklinMissy
Andrew Gemmell @ADGemmell
Matt Grevers @MattGrevers
Brendan Hansen @BrendanHansen22
Jessica Hardy @swimhardy
Kathleen Hersey @KathleenHersey
Charlie Houchin @CharlieHouchin
Conor Jaeger @conjaeg
Cullen Jones @Cullen_Jones[/one_half]
Kara Lynn Joyce @karalynnpaisley
Ariana Kukors @ArianaKukors
Breeja Larson @BreejaLarson
Caitlin Leverenz @Cleverenz
Jason Lezak @JasonLezak
Ryan Lochte @RyanLochte
Tyler McGill @TyMcGill
Matt McLean @MattBMcLean6F
Alex Meyer @AlexMeyerSwims
Lia Neal @LiaNeal
Lauren Perdue @LoPerdue
Michael Phelps @MichaelPhelps
Allison Schmitt @arschmitty
Eric Shanteau @shanteau
Rebecca Soni @rebsoni
Chloe Sutton @csutswim
Nick Thoman @Nick_Thoman
Dana Vollmer @danavollmer
Shannon Vreeland @s_vreeland
Amanda Weir @AmandaJoWeir
Scott Weltz @SwimWeltz
Kate Ziegler @kate_ziegler
Micah Lawrence
Katie Ledecky
Davis Tarwater
Peter Vanderkaay

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