If you search through the bios of some of the most successful recording artist who’ve had the good fortune of longevity, you’ll notice there’s a period in their careers when they move to a new land for several months, sponge the karma, vibe off the locals, and, create music based on those interactions (often times an album or movie is is created): Snoop has joined this elite group of artists.Snoop Lion - Reincarnated 1


His latest project, Reinacarnated, is the result of lamping in Jamaica.  With movie crew in tow, Snoop searches for the true meaning of Rasta, and does what he does best.  . . mingle with the people. The name change to Snoop Lion is his manifesation of embracing Halise Selassie and the Rastafarian culture.

The movie, to be released with the new album, chronicles Snoops discovery of what it means to be a Rasta. Reincarnated, the movie, was an Official Selection at the Torono International Film Festival 2012.

Watch the Reincarnated trailer.

Arguably, the PTSD of gang-banging and being an artist on Death Row has sent Snoop on a search for peace.  Where better than the land of the All Might Bob Marley?  The album is all reggae – no rapping – a change for the DogFather; but a highly interesting idea when you consider an LBC accent screaming “WestSide – Jah-Rasta-Far-I”.

Snoop Lion - Reincarnated 2
image via largeup.okayplayer.com

The album is produced by Diplo and Major Lazer, and we have to say this again, there is no rapping, it’s all reggae – old school like Marley w/an LBC twang. Although Snoop has always had reggae/Jamacain influences in his music and accent, this is his first full-blown foray into the sound of Kingston (not his first venture into other worlds – don’t forget Willie Nelson).

Snoop Lion - Reincarnated 3
image via noisey.vice.co


“La La La” available now on iTunes.




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