The Latest in Scanning Technology - Blippar 1It is no secret that I love technology however when I believe that it is cutting-edge technology “Whoa”. “Look out”  I recently had the fortune of being introduced to what I believe is cutting-edge technology.  I can easily see this technology as being the newest trend.

This technology, to my understanding works sort of like barcodes or QR Codes except it is marker-less.

Marker-less meaning there is no visible barcode or square QR code image.  You just point your mobile device camera to an image, poster or even a TV screen and you open the door to a virtual world. That’s right – I said mobile device. And…you guess it. – A new mobile app. It’s called Blippar. But this is no ordinary app. This app ROCKS!

The Blippar app uses the technology I mentioned about earlier and when I downloaded it to test it out it blew my mind.  Blippar in my opinion is a very unique interactive app. As this technology becomes more popular in the US I can see it becoming very “Trendy” hence my comment made earlier.

It is definitely worth checking out.  Currently Blippar has been in Europe however it is blazing its way to the US.  With Blippar users can “blipp” real world items – such as newspapers, magazines, products, posters, online images – to bring them to virtual life with overlaid digital information, videos, games or interactive experiences. Blippar is starting their US debut this Summer 2012 partnering with clients like Budweiser, Maybelline and Justin Bieber.

Learn how to Blip a Budweiser Blippable image from The Confluence on Vimeo.

Here is more information of Blippar:

The Latest in Scanning Technology - Blippar 2
“Blipp” this photo from your iPhone, iPad or Android

Budweiser racing and NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick go into high gear as they team up with Blippar for their U.S. launch. For the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, when fans view the Budweiser logo through the Blippar app on a mobile device, a vivid new world appears giving fans the chance to take their picture with NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick as well as enjoy interactive material and behind-the-scenes video content of Kevin Harvick.

Fans will be able to interact with the Budweiser logo on beer cans, packaging, posters and images on the internet.

To begin the fun, simply download the FREE Blippar app to your mobile device (Android, iPhone or iPad) and begin viewing the Budweiser logo through your screen to watch it magically come alive!

(*Note!! If you are reading this on a computer, forward this note to your mobile device, and download the BLIPPAR app to an Android or iPhone or iPad along with digital sharing tools below.)

Once you download the Blippar app to your mobile device you can use the images and video below to point Blippar to and see what virtual worlds unfolds.

Kevin Harvick Blippar marker 3×3“Blipp” this photo.

The Latest in Scanning Technology - Blippar 3


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Download Blippar Today!! You be the judge.  See it for yourself.



  1. Thanks for the article. Very eager for app to hit the US and see what it’s all about. Based on the video and your article, sounds like something big is coming our way. Imagine a photo, etc being virtual. Very cool!!


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