Epic Games reveals Fortnite –


Fortnite was revealed at SDCC today and we got to hear from a panel consisting of moderator Jessica Chobot (first timer), Tanya Jessen, Pete Ellis and Cliff Bleszinski.  Fortnite is a cooperative/sandbox/survival game where you scavenge, build, fortify and defend your area of the game world.  They claim that the game will have something for everyone. Whether you like to blow things up or build things up, cooperate or go it alone, this game will have something for you.  Everything can be broken down and reused for parts so it seems that the opportunities for different styles of structures is pretty massive.  The art style is more cartoon-like than I expected and it looks appealing.  The game is targeted at PC gamers and will be he first game running on Unreal Engine 4 – both revelations garnered cheers from the crowd.

Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Panel-

This humorous panel covered Stan Lee’s new YouTube Channel, World of Heroes.  The panel consisted of  Stan Lee, Mark Hamill, Adrianne Curry, Peter David, America Young, Bonnie Burton and Jace Hall.  Mr. Lee and Mr. Hamill got a lot applause but Adrianne came out in an outfit she deemed “Raptor Jesus” and stole the show.  SDCC - Day 1 Recap 1From the previews – Fan Wars featuring Jace Hall pits comic fans against one another in a court room setting. Fans make their case for why certain heroes are better than others and based on their arguments one is declared a winner.  The show will feature celebrity judges and Stan himself will be the ultimate tie breaker.  Adrianne Curry’s show, Super Fans, will take her around the nation to find the ultimate fans.  One of Stan Lee’s shows “Academy of Heroes” appears to be a reality show where Stan will gather a group of real-life heroes, train them, and ultimately declare a winner.  The Super.Model trailer looked Super.Cheesy but I think that was the intent.  Stan Lee didn’t give a whole lot of info after the trailer but instead laughed off further questions.  “Bad Days” appears to be animated shorts showing various heroes having their worst days.  It got a lot of laughs.  There were several other shows and all of them looked pretty interesting.  It’ll be interesting to see how this channel grows over time and whether this is the beginning of major original content moving to web only broadcasting.

Voltron – Form Blazing Fans-

The Voltron team presented quite a number of new content offerings from comics, television programming, web originals and of course new toys.  My favorite was the Voltron team jersey worn by the host.  Discussion started with Alex Albrecht and surprise guest Timothy Omundson where they talked about and showed Voltron: The End, a fan film.  I enjoyed their passion for the project.  We heard from a number of other guests but the person that stole the show was a kid in a Voltron costume that they eventually brought up on stage to sit with the panel.  It was hilarious and frankly made me appreciate the Voltron team that much more.  Now I’ll have to go check out Voltron Force and support this great group.


I had hoped to get through a lot more panels but the lines are incredible here.  More content and pictures coming though.



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