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Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad Comparison

Microsoft Surface RTRecently, Microsoft has announced that they are launching 2 tablets in the near future. The first one is called the Surface RT which will probably rival Apple’s iPad. Below, we have compiled a comparison between the tablets:


The iPad outlasts the Surface RT as Apple is claiming that the battery life can go up to 10 hours while Microsoft is still mum on the subject.

Built-In Storage

The iPad is available in three different storage options, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and has no room for expansion via card slots. The Surface RT has two options, 32GB and 64GB but it features a microSD card slot for more storage if the built-in storage is not enough for your needs.


Both tablets have dual cameras. iPad has a 5MP back camera and a VGA on the front. Surface RT has two “LifeCam” cameras but Microsoft did not disclose any details as far as its quality.


The Surface RT (9.33mm) comes in .1mm slimmer than the new iPad (9.4mm); however, Windows’ tablet (676g) is 14g heavier than Apple’s tablet (662g).


In terms of inches, Surface RT has a larger screen than the iPad at 10.6in against 9.7in. When it comes to resolution, Microsoft hasn’t publicly mentioned their tablet’s display aside from saying that it has “ClearType HD Display”. I believe the new iPad’s Retina display which features a resolution of 2048 x 1536 is still the best.


Apple’s tablet runs on Apple A5X dual-core processor which is ARM-based featuring quad-core graphics while Surface RT also uses an ARM processor made by nVidia.


The iPad runs on iOS, Apple’s own operating system, while the Surface RT runs on Windows 8 RT, Microsoft’s counterpart.

For now, I can say that Apple’s new iPad is still the better tablet unless Microsoft reveals all the information on Surface RT, then we could compare the two tablets more accurately.


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