PSA: MobileMe is now closed, Grab your data 1

Apple has closed its Mobile Me service. If you did not manage to get your stuff moved, do not fret. Apple is still allowing you to download your Gallery items as well as the contents of your iDisk. This is only available for a very limited time. I would recommend you do this today and do not dwell on it. If you have not yet moved your items over, you can move over to iCloud.


To move over to iCloud, simply go to and click on the ‘Move to iCloud’ button. You will be asked for your MobileMe credentials. At this point, your account will be moved to iCloud and you will see a congratulations screen. That’s all it takes to move to iCloud.


I would suspect that Apple is going to disable all of MobileMe when either OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or iOS 6 is released. Why tempt fate, move your items over now, if you haven’t already.



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