floodlightsSport is one of mankind’s most revered and loved indulgences – so much so that there wasn’t enough time in the day to play all the sports, so we had to introduce lights! Not just your average kitchen ceiling lights either. We’re talking serious wattage.


In actual fact, using floodlights so that games can be played in the evening is a pretty sound financial decision. Avoiding daytime events when many people are at work means that a larger audience is able to attend and revenue will be increased.

Even floodlights have been subject to their fare share of controversy though!

The Floodlight Scam

Betting on sport is big business. There can be as much as £1million (that’s over $1.5million!) riding on a UK Premiership football match. There is a dazzling array of options for people wishing to place a bet on the game, but the one that remains the most popular is predictably the final score.

The floodlight scam involves sabotaging the floodlights or the electricity supply to them in order for them to turn off.
But how does this win a bet I hear you ask?

Well, if you have a bet on the game finishing 1-1 and that particular score is reached, by turning off the floodlights the game is no longer able to be played and the referee will abandon the match. This guarantees you a winning bet.

The scam was attempted three times by the same gang, and on the third attempt they were caught when one of the security guards that has been bribed let slip to a colleague that the con was about to take place. You would think that a £20,000 bribe would be enough to keep someone’s mouth shut for a few days. The money involved in the scam as a whole was believed to be in excess of £30 million – now that’s more than enough for a few spare light bulbs!

After they were caught, the trio were put in prison for up to four years.

The Future of Floodlights

The floodlights of the future are LED, as they are hoping to install in Central New York Raceway. Just like the common LED bathroom ceiling lights in your home, they are built with efficiency in mind. Except where you may be saving a few pounds a year, Central New York Raceway stands to save thousands of dollars.

If successful, the technology is set to be rolled out in stadiums all over the world.

I bet you didn’t know floodlights were so interesting… do you have any other floodlight facts or stories to tell?


About the Author: Gavin Harvey is a dedicated personal trainer whose thirst for adventure has taken him around the world. After a gap year in Australia he developed a serious case of wanderlust and is always searching for the next adventure, as well as the latest gadget. He is currently renovating the home that he shares with his partner and two cats.

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