I’m taking my talents to South Beach…

Lebron JamesThat’s how it started. The Decision wasn’t done the right way, true the Boys and Girls Club got some great donations, but the way it all went down wasn’t cool. Lebron acknowledged that – move on!

Tonight wasn’t the Super Bowl, it wasn’t the World Series, wasn’t even the battle for the Stanley Cup, but what it was was the culmination of many years of work, doubt, agony, doubt, and stress. Now Lebron James is a world champion. No one can doubt that. No one can take that away from him or the Miami Heat – EVER.

The 2012 NBA Finals was one of the most entertaining, from a fan’s perspective, as any has ever been – hard, spirited play. Ticky-tack fouls, and even the off-the-court baby mama drama…

Tonight let Coach Eric Spoelstra revel in a job well done (for a guy who started in the film room). Let Mike Miller who is money everyday he steps on the court, rest his back. Let 39 year old Juwan Howard rest those aching feet, and let the Big 3: Chris Bosh, Dewayne Wade and Lebron James simply EXHALE!

Congratulations Miami

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