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How to Use Your Smartphone to Curate Trending Content

With help from specific apps, smartphones now have the ability to deliver and present content to you based on your personal preferences and areas of interest.

To keep your attention and to maintain a high utility for smartphone users, apps will often capture or track the keywords you enter and deliver future content based on your interests.

Some apps even tailor content based on the types of individuals or users that you follow on the web, such as those in your Twitter timeline.

Using the content you discover, you can develop new products or services based on current, real-time trends, or write about topics that interest other users. T-Mobile cell phones – especially Android smartphones – and iPhones, have operating systems that allow you to install a number of these apps that curate trending content for you.

Continue reading to learn more about apps you can use on your smartphone to find new, trending content.

Apps that Rely on Tweets via Twitter
Twitter is an outstanding resource to use for finding trending content; especially since its network is updated with news-breaking topics and trends in real-time, from users all around the world.

Here are some apps that locate trending keywords and topics using Twitter as their main source:
1. Strawberry Jam

The Strawberry Jam app will use your Twitter feed to pinpoint posts or topics that have been tweeted the most by the users you follow on Twitter. This app will also allow you to perform hashtag searches for certain keywords and phrases to determine the top, trending topics.

2. IFTTT (If This Than That)

IFTTT will allow you to set up specific tasks that command the app to locate trending content. For example, if you want to learn more about the hottest and latest T-Mobile cell phones on the market, you can arrange to be alerted when new cell phones have blog articles written about them, or if tweets mention a specific cell phone model.

3. Klout

The Klout app curates all current, trending content, and presents you with a list of trending topics upon logging in. You will then have the ability to click on a particular hot topic, and read the most recent tweets about that topic.

Apps that Rely on Blogs and News Sites
Some apps perform similarly to those mentioned above, with the exception of locating trending content on news and blog sites instead of on Twitter.

1. Reddit

Reddit is an aggregate site that gathers all the latest news and trending topics on the web. The Reddit app will allow you to review and search for specific topics, then locate all the websites that contain content that are about, or mention that particular topic.


The concept of is to find and “trap” articles and posts on the web that contain trending keywords or phrases. also has the intelligence to refer trending content to you based on posts or articles that you have “liked,” or indicated a special interest in.

By using one or more of the apps outlined in this article, you can begin to generate new content or products based on the latest trends.

What are your favorite content-curating apps? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section below.

Guest Post by Natalie Bracco, Freelance Writer – Follow Natalie on Facebook | Twitter | Google+


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  1. T-Mobile cell phones – especially Android smartphones – and iPhones, have operating systems that allow you to install a number of these apps that curate trending content for you.  

  2. I noticed that today, there’s just too many sites and apps that cater to the social media sector. I’m sure most of them will be out of business within just a year. This field is just too saturated right now.

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