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What Women Truly Want

We have some important breaking news to report to all men worldwide. The
complicated puzzle known as a woman’s mind has been cracked. We now know exactly
what women want in a man based on women’s searches for their preferred
attributes in a man while online dating. As far as baggage is concerned, women
simply do not want to deal with a man who happens to be married or even
separated. While women can generally accept a divorced man, they, by and large,
prefer and want a single man. This makes sense since women want a serious
relationship, as opposed to just casual dating.

Women also prefer a healthy, active and fit man over the chain-smoking beer-guzzler
who sports an oversized belly. So guys, it’s time to go ahead and purchase that
gym membership and stock up on healthy, lean foods. Finally, women tend to
prefer a well-established professional man who is either employed or self
employed. This reinforces the point that women really want a financially stable
man. It is clear that women want a serious, meaningful relationship with a
healthy, well-established man. This infographic has done a marvelous job delving
into a woman’s psyche and highlight what women truly want.

Infographic: What Women Want
Women Want
by Free


Drew Hendricks

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