When it comes to needing access to information- patience is not a virtue of mine. Case in point, the 18Mbps fiber connection I have running at the home office so I can effortlessly access the Social InterWeb.


But in this media business, I simply must stay connected and be connected to the multiple streams of information quickly.

Is that healthy? As a society, many of us in America have access to high-speed/broadband Internet connectivity – rather it be at home or through mobile connections.

If you step back and look at our relative impatience for other bits of information, not necessarily related to technology, you start wondering are we headed towards an unfortunate path of self destruction? Take for instance the prevalence of fast food restaurants with drive-thru windows – we’re too lazy, impatient, whatever to even get out of the car…

This infographic has me thinking hard and I’m going to consciously try to change my behaviors.

Instant America
Created by: OnlineGraduatePrograms.com

Your thoughts?

Image via zdnet.co.uk


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