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Android Apps Taking The Mobile World By Storm

Android logoIt used to be that when people thought of mobile phone apps, Apple was the first company that popped in their head. Well, looks like Apple has some competition. Android apps seem to have taken the mobile world by storm. With over 300 million Android smartphones across the globe it makes sense that they are growing in popularity.

Not only is the number of Android users continuing to grow they also offer a better app store to be used by commercial developers. Compared to the Apple store which requires a yearly fee of $90 and apps are limited to the Apple store, Android offers a one time registration fee of $25, the option to feature the app in other stores, and the opportunity to earn up to 70% revenue on sales.

One of the most popular apps used by all smartphone users is Facebook, of course, and even Android seems to be leading in that department as well, with the Android Facebook app being accessed 68% of days within a month compared to Apple’s Facebook app being accessed 58% of days within a month.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about how Android apps are amazing.

The World of Android Apps [Infographic]
courtesy of StartApp


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