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Microsoft is trying to shake up the search world – get you Binging instead of Googling…

Admittedly, I like the random daily wallpaper from Bing (yes, I the Apple Fan do have a PC laptop in the office. We’re cross-platform here at HicksNewMedia).

Bing is looking to leverage your overall Social Graph and position recommendations from Bing searches closer to the top from people you know.

The new Bing design focuses on unique ways to bring friends and experts into the search experience. These social results, found in the right column and called sidebar, complement the standard search results without compromising them, offering searchers the chance to start a conversation and get advice from friends, experts and enthusiasts right within the search experience. Bing shows which friends have liked or might know about content related to the query and will identify experts and enthusiasts that can provide recommendations on the topic of interest. In addition, you can post a question and get help from your Facebook friends while you search, friends can easily see and reply to your questions on Facebook or Bing, and you can follow the activity feed to see your friends’ queries and posts in real time, never missing a beat.

Here’s what all this fancy sidebar stuff looks like:

Bing also makes it easy to get things done in one place with the new center column, called snapshot, which will roll out in the next few weeks. It includes information, such as maps and reviews, and quick ways to take action, so booking a restaurant reservation or checking hotel rates are now quicker and easier.

The new Bing offers restaurant reservations, hotel reviews, movie trailers and show times, maps, and more right within the search experience, giving you everything you need to take action in one place and eliminating the need to visit multiple sites to complete tasks.

So with all this social inclusion are you ready to make the leap from Yahoo or Google as your primary search engine? Are you now a Binger? That’s probably not the official term, but it works in the context of this story.

Here’s more visual queues of what the new Bing brings.


  1. Bing has the right idea here as a way of challenging Google, I just think that everybody is biding their time until Facebook releases a search product. That’s the direction the market is going in IMO. This is why I think that the idea of getting this structured data is what is so appealing to Google and why they’re putting so many resources behind Google+. Without access to structured social data, Google can’t continue to refine their search experience further. With access to this social data, Facebook has a legitimate shot of competing in search by using this social data to fuel their search experience. Facebook has captured the attention of the popular culture in addition to businesses: look at how many active users Facebook has, look at how many big brands are promoting their Facebook pages in their TV commercials, look at how many companies their are at that do nothing other than promote Facebook pages…Facebook is really on the right track here even if they deserve a bit of criticism over some of their features. I think that the reason that Facebook is worth well in excess of stock valuation is that they have the potential to dominate search, ecommerce, and other major fields. But this market is so big and valuable that I think there’s room for other players to get involved here and take some risks and chances that big companies like Facebook and Google won’t take. But Bing, even though its a solid option, isn’t going to gain the traction that Facebook has the potential for gaining with its captive user audience.


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