Check out the story of Birds’ Barbershop. A local establishment in Austin, TX, Birds’ Barbershop is the love of a pair of entrepreneurs with big dreams. One of their dreams came to fruition when #SXSW came to town. The duo hatched a plan to create a pop-up barbershop right on the grounds of the festival.

Using GoPayment, they were able to make the most of the clientele, even with those who did not have cash on hand. They took advantage of consumers’ growing preference to use credit/debit cards, and with a simple swipe made a huge profit.

Take a look at GoPayment, site. You can click share to pass on the knowledge that some folk are calling a “revolutionary service”. Doing so not only spreads the word to others interested, it also enters you in a contest to win $1,000. Even better, though—if you’re a small business or entrepreneur, you should create a 30 second video clip explaining how you would use GoPayment to revolutionize your business, and you could win a cool $10,000. It’s that simple.


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