More than a month following its launch, the new Apple iPad finally went on sale in India last Friday.  However, the reception fell short of everyone’s expectations. Unlike the previous opening sales of iPad 1 and iPad 2, the new iPad did not receive warm response as there were no long queues in different retail stores. This leads others to say that the official Indian launch date has not created a lot of buzz.

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi De...
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People also say that one of the reasons why the new iPad has been lacking in sales and popularity is that it is not a total innovation; rather, it is simply an upgraded version of the two previous iPad generations. The new iPad is available in black and white. It shows off a number of improved features including a new retina display with 3.1 million megapixels, a 5-megapixel rear camera and iOS 5.1 among others. However, the 4G LTE network is not yet available in India so consumers have to use the 3G networks.

The price also contributes in the declining sales of the new iPad. There is a surge of tablets in India these days. The lowest price starts at Rs 3,000. However, the prices for the new iPad models can be seen below:

New iPad Wi-Fi units: Rs 30,500 for 16GB, Rs 36,500 for 32GB, Rs42,500 for 64GB

New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G units: Rs 38,900 for 16GB, Rs 44,900 for 32GB, Rs 50,900 for 64GB

India Snubs New iPad 1


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