For almost everyone in the network administration field, there is a desire to achieve certification from Cisco.

The CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certifications are representative of the upper tiers of engineers designing network solutions.

Cisco Certification logo

From what I understand, the tests are hard. Rightfully so, we don’t want to just entrust anyone with literally the backbone of the Internet.

But for those that do pass certification, and climb that ladder of success – how long does it usually take to get a Cisco certification? Where are the jobs for these highly sought after individuals? And most importantly, what does the salary look like?

The team over at INE Training have put together a great infographic that shows, on average, the answers to those questions.

The Journey To Cisco Certification Success [infographic] 1
Infographic by INE, Inc. providers of Cisco Certification Training.

Are you certified with Cisco? If not, and you’re interested in pursuing certification, check out INE and their curriculum (looks extremely thorough).



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