In a world obsessed with physical vanity and looking attractive, here comes an app that claims to rate just how ugly you are.

The app, Ugly Meter uses the front-facing camera on your iPhone to analyze how properly proportioned your facial features are – such as, are your eyes too close, is your nose too big, are your lips shaped the right way, you get the picture (pun intended).

The founder, Jo Overline, of Dapper Gentlemen, the creator of the app touts that the Ugly Meter Pro version is selling like crazy oversees (he points out China in particular in a recent interview with KTVX in Arizona).

There are two versions, a standard version and Pro version that will actually explain to you the results of your facial scan.

The standard version is 99 cents and the Pro version is $4.99.

Ugly Meter

Sure it’s all for entertainment purposes, but I, being a father of two elementary kids wouldn’t want them playing with this – it’s already hard enough dealing with social issues and peer pressure without having to worry about some crazy app telling you you’re not attractive.

What do you think?


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