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CrowdCall: Totally Free Cross-platform Conference Calls

Every once in a while a product or service comes around that is just so simple that it’s brilliant.

Even though we tend to use our smartphones primarily to play games and do all sorts of other things – once in a while we actually do use it to make phone calls.

And, more frequent than not, we want to have a group conversation; either will personal or business associates.

Tons of solutions are out there, they all do the job relatively well, but most of those solutions cost more money than you really need to spend, are difficult to setup and even more challenging to get everyone (across multiple phone platforms) connected.

Enter CrowdCall. Totally free conferencing with up to 20 people anywhere in the world – no line charges

CrowdCall logo

CrowdCall is an app, available for the iPhone and Android platforms – so there’s that cross platform connectivity I mentioned. But here’s part of the magic – only the originator needs to have CrowdCall installed, participants don’t need to have the app installed on their phone.

Instead of requiring participants to write down crazy dial in numbers and long pin codes CrowdCall initiates a call TO your participants.

And instead of pretending to be a VOIP solution (which we all know don’t work that great over 3G), CrowdCall uses regular phone carrier lines, thus the quality of the call remains high.

CrowdCall screenshot

I like it. Check out the Tweet from Michael Arrington below – he likes it.


For more check out their site here.


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