With the release of the new iPad this month, Apple enthusiasts endured the usual long lines just to be among the first ones to lay their hands on the latest Apple tablet. Following its release, everyone is curious to find out how the sales turned out.


Apple first declined to give the exact figures but eventually revealed that it has sold 3 million units of the new iPad after just 3 days in the market, making another impressive record.

In 2010, Apple has sold around 300,000 units of the iPad 1 on the first day of its release. The technology giant, however, didn’t provide any sales number for the iPad 2 the following year but admitted that it was also a huge success.

The new iPad offers a number of better features. But some iPad users are not very keen on replacing their old tablets for the new iPad, saying the features aren’t impressive enough. Impressive or not, one thing is certain, the new iPad’s astounding record sales proved another success for Apple.

[via TUAW]

New iPad Breaks Sales Record 3


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