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DIRECTV, Tribune and Customers Using Web and Twitter to Push for Resolution

I have DirecTV and view a few FOX shows on my local channel FOX40 in Sacramento – So, naturally I’m interested to see what is going on with the contract between Tribune and DirecTV.

Here are the sites I’ve found to be the most valuable though.  As of this writing, there seems to be no resolution.


DirecTV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First off is DirecTV’s site “DIRECTV Promise To You – DIRECTV’s Customer Promise”

As of 12:25 pacific time this page still indicates “DIRECTV is in negotiations with Tribune Broadcasting, the owner and operator of television stations in 16 markets and WGN America, about how much of your bill is fair to pay for their programming.”

Their Twitter feed @DIRECTV seems quite busy today and @DIRECTV tweets are using the hashtag #TellTribune when responding to questions from customers about losing access.


Tribune Broadcasting Logo
Tribune Broadcasting Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Tribune’s site is and in big red letters at the top they are saying –

                      Tribune Broadcasting has not reached an agreement or come to terms with DirecTV on any aspect of its contract, which expires at midnight tonight. Any statement by DirecTV to the contrary is inaccurate and misleading.
Tribune broadcasters are using the hashtag #telldirectv on their updates.
Neither of the hashtags are trending yet – the top of the US trends shows #ForgottenArtists, #HowAreyouaChristian and #NathanRyanMusicKingOfTheWeb at the top- so all of twitter-land is currently otherwise distracted.  Perhaps later today as the deadline approaches we’ll see more hits.
I’m left wondering if all the twitter traffic really affects the negotiations one way or the other.  I’m thinking it probably does not but it is interesting to see twitter being used by both groups to push their agendas.  I hope they come up with a viable, workable solution before the deadline so customers, including me, are not affected by these contract negotiations.
I’ll be monitoring both sites and twitter today to see how the situation progresses.

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