The Trayvon Martin murder has touched people of all ethnic, socio-political, and religious backgrounds. Understandably so, since what has happened to this young 17 year old teenager is a tragic story.

Numerous tributes, marches, townhall meetings and statements have been made by individuals, but I wanted to specifically post this one that I ran across tonight.

Songwriter Jonah Bleeagh wrote on his personal blog, “I came home from an amazing Speak Out event about Trayvon Martin’s killing at Glide (the incredible church I sing at) and knew it was time to sing this. It’s based on a tune by Bob Dylan called The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, which is simply one of the greatest songs ever written, sociopolitical or otherwise. I couldn’t ignore the sad symmetry between that awful tale and this one, decades later, still so similar. I kept as many of the lyrics intact as I could. As with Dylan’s tune, all the details I included are based on verified news reports.

One word = chilling!


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