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LIVE with Eric @ my Kids Basketball game

Join me LIVE when I travel to Sacramento to watch both of my younger children play basketball on Saturday March 31.

That’s right join me here LIVE as I bring you my 7 year old daughter Zoe in her first year of basketball on the Panthers at 2:30 pm PST and my 8 year old son Christopher in his second year of basketball on the Knicks at 4:15 pm PST March 31, 2012.

Here are highlights of my daughter’s game this past weekend March 31, 2012. She did such an amazing job. She is number 3. That was her big brother’s number his first year of playing and she thought it fitting for her first year of playing.

Christopher is in his second year of basketball whereas in his first year he did an outstanding job for it being his first time ever playing.  His mother tells me that he is doing wonders in his second year.  She stated that his game has really improved.

When Christopher isn’t playing basketball he plays football and baseball as well as keeps his grades up in school.

As for Zoe this is her first time playing basketball and she loves every minute of it. Her mother tells me she is not as tall as everyone else on the team but she is very fast.  She is always stealing the ball for game assists on a regular basis.  Zoe also does hip hop dancing and is also a whiz in school.

As you can see I am very proud of my children.  They make me very proud on a daily basis.  Make sure to catch it all LIVE this Saturday March 31 starting at 2:30pm PST.

See you there.

3 of my children and me

  1. ericanese says

    It is going to be so much fun to watch my little ones do their thing on the court.

    1. LyndaBonillaHuynh says

       looking forward to watching their game through “Live with Eric.”

  2. James says

    this should be good stuff

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