Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour

We’ll be attending the Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour 2012 tomorrow in San Francisco.

Should be a fun day and more importantly, a full day of networking and learning how organizations are leveraging the Social InterWeb to build their businesses.

Obviously since this is Cloudforce – everything is expected to interoperate seamlessly with Salesforce.

Cloudforce 2012 Agenda

Our plan is to arrive at Moscone Center in San Francisco pretty early; the conference registration starts at 7:30am and the Marc Benioff keynote is scheduled for 9-11:30am.

We’ll be tweeting all day, from our @thetechscoop Twitter ID (so follow us there). We’ll be using the conference hashtag (#cloudforce) as well.

This post will stream dynamically throughout the day (I’m setting it up as a liveblog…) This WordPress integration worked well for us at CES so I’m going to give it another go!

See you online!

Keynote Stream

Official #cloudforce Twitter stream:



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