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The Effects of Social Media in Education: Twitter 101 [infographic]

Are there “best practices” for using Twitter and other social media platforms in our classrooms?

That’s the question posed to professor Rey Junco, a college professor and researcher who studies how social media use affects college students. He uses quantitative methods to assess the effects of social media on student development, engagement, and success.

The result of that series of questioning…the following infographic.

Twitter 101
Created by: Educational Psychology

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One Comment

  1. @iEducator @InnovativeEdu far to small a sample to base any conclusions on. Wallwisher could provide same results without distractions:-)

    1. @JohnAHobson @iEducator Don’t luv that sample either, but doesn’t mean social media haven’t had tremendous ed benefits.

    2. @JohnAHobson @iEducator More important is that teachers are empowered, not restrained, from choosing the most effective tools for their work

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