Which iPad am I? 1Like many of you, I too have pre-ordered my new iPad. It took me a while before my order finally went through, but I got it and it will be here on March 16th. I’d hate to be the admin over at Apple yesterday; their servers took a beating that’s for sure. Alas, my efforts were well worth me not having to wait in line for the limited supply that the Apple Store or it’s authorized resellers will be selling.


This will be my third iPad, and both of my previous iPads were the Black 64GB Wi-Fi models. Last year I thought of getting the White iPad, but at the last minute I changed my mind, a choice after seeing and briefly using the White iPad I had regretted. So color was one of my top decisions along with capacity. For me these were the only two deciding factors. Even though the new iPad has 4G LTE connectivity I would rather use a Mi-Fi.

So begins my decision making. I am already set on getting the White iPad. I just upgrade my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4S recently and I got the White one, and I am happy with it.  The only thing left to choose now is capacity. As I mentioned earlier, my two previous iPads were the 64GB models. Recently with the arrival of iCloud I have seriously been contemplating whether I really need 64GB of storage or if 32GB is really enough. In addition, now I can get my Movies from iCloud, so the 32GB iPad is looking like the better choice.

With all that given; I decided to continue with the 64GB model. The reason being, the new iPad has a better camera capable of recording HD 1080P video. If your at all familiar with recording at that resolution; you will know that a 32GB iPad will be cutting it close, even with the use of iCloud.

Moreover, I use my iPad like I use to use my MacBook Pro. So the more storage the better. In addition, the new interactive iBooks max out at about 2GB, so if I put a few of those on my iPad I will soon start to run out of space.

We’d like to hear from you, our readers. Were you able to order an iPad yesterday? If so, which one did you get, and why?  Sound off in the comments below.

Which iPad am I? 2



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