Klout did it first, got the excitement, got the following and got the energy around providing perks to those folks on the social web for talking and sharing experiences.


PeerIndex logoNow, their social influence measurement competitor PeerIndex is getting into the game game and starting to provide incentives to social influencers.

It’s about time PeerIndex!!

Now PeerIndex has launched PeerPerks, a service that will help marketers target rewards to social influencers. For instance, a person who is an acknowledged expert on music among their friends can be rewarded with free downloads or a free subscription. Anyone can sign up for the service if they have a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

James Hicks PeerIndex

Via.me is currently offering unlimited music and photo stories as a reward to influential recommenders. The beta version of this service was tested by Penguin Books and Atlantic Records.

The PeerIndex service resembles Klout, but takes the idea forward to reach the mass market.

Azeem Azhar, the chief executive of PeerPerks, said, “We believe that social influence targeting is going to be a major trend in marketing in the years to come, and this is the first time that anyone’s launched a dedicated, mass-market platform that can do this sort of campaign at scale.”

Disclosure: I am a member of the Klout Squad, which is a small group of identified social influencers that help shape the overall Klout measurement and perks system.

I’m also using via.me, which just launched officially today (blog post coming soon) and I’m in love with some via.me !! Get on board folks and follow me.

What are your thoughts about Klout, PeerIndex and the whole social measurement and influencer mentality?

[story summarized from Daily Deal Media]

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