Apple iPad 3 event

I dare say this is the long awaited announcement we’ve been looking for, because it hasn’t been all that long since we’ve had the original iPad or even the iPad 2. But since, we as a technologically advanced society are extremely impatient and in need for the next best thing – Apple is feeding our appetite with a special event on March 7th.

It’ll be the announcement of the iPad 3 (or whatever they call it). There have been rumors floating around for months on what features and functionality will be included; everything from a different form factor and size, different camera capabilities, and different 3G and providers.

We, as the general public and news media know nothing – it’s all rumor. I’ll let others focus on the rumors, we’ll focus on the facts. When the iPad 3 is launched we’ll have all the specs and information you’ll need to make a sound decision on whether this is the right purchase for you and your family.

Stay tuned.

Apple Event: March 7 - iPad 3 Plus ??? 1


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