Bet you didn’t know that your Kindle Fire is a multipurpose device. It can read books out loud to you via a text to speech feature, it can help you conserve gas via various Kindle apps and it can even help you save big money when shopping online.


kindle fire and saving money

How? Well we look into that below via three ways to use your Kindle Fire to save money. If used correctly, your Kindle Fire can save you hundreds if not thousands of hard earned dollars on jewelry, vacations, fashion, food and more.

1. Check Deal Blogs –

If you’re not a fan of deal blogs, you’re missing out on BIG savings. Sites such as Deal News, Fat Wallet and Slick Deals are loaded with hot deals and discounts on every imaginable category of retail including laptops, TV sets, game consoles, books, clothes, shoes, travel destinations and more. Best way to use deal sites is to use them in advance of what you need. For example, if you know your wife’s birthday is coming up in three months, now is an excellent time to scour the sites and see what goodies are available. If a trip for two is what you plan to surprise her with, then check out the travel section and plan a getaway like no other without breaking the bank. We see hot deals on a regular basis for Caribbean cruises, tropical roustabouts and or staycations. If you plan ahead you will seize the day and the almighty buck.

2. Do Price Comparisons On The Go –

Whether you’re in the market for home decor, new shoes or the latest tech, comparing prices on your Kindle Fire will keep more greenbacks in your wallet. Show me a frugal shopper that doesn’t live by price comparison sites and I will show you a very unhappy frugal shopper. Who wouldn’t want to check on prices for an item that they’re about to buy if they wanted to save money. Maybe you just recently got married and are now looking to purchase your first home and want to compare home prices in a certain area. Perhaps you’re looking around for life insurance quotes on a life insurance policy for yourself, whatever the reason price comparison is the way to go. Some of the better price comparison sites on the web include Shopzilla, Price Shopper andĀ  My Simon.

3. Clip VirtualĀ  Coupons –

Clipping coupons from the Sunday paper is so 1990’s, the new way to use and clip coupons is via your mobile device. Yes, your cell phone but also tablets. There’s a Kindle Fire app appropriately called Coupons App which you can find on Amazon for FREE where you don’t need to cut or carry anything with you to the store, other than the tablet itself to present the coupon to the cashier at checkout. As with any coupon (paper or virtual) you always want to make sure the store honors it and that you meet whatever eligibility is in place, such as buy one/get one, the expiration date, no other discounts applied, etc.

There you have it, three good ways to use the Kindle Fire to save money. We would love to hear your tips on how you use your Amazon Kindle Fire to save money.

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