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Simply Measured Partners With Klout – Kicking Off The Year of Influence

Klout and Simply Measured Partnership

This morning Simply Measured announced they have entered into a new partnership with Klout.

The premise behind this partnership is to help users leverage Klout’s data in context with your other social media metrics.

What does that mean? Well you know who Klout is, but Simply Measured is an organization that you need to pay close attention to, if you’re in anyway involved in social collaboration from a business perspective.

Simply Measured helps marketers get social media data and create custom reports in Excel and online. The approach from Simply Measured is different than most analytics providers, instead of staring at a confusing dashboard, Simply Measured enables anyone to to easily dig in deep to the data and get great understanding.

Here is a summary of today’s partnership announcement

How Brands Can Leverage Klout’s Influence Data in Simply Measured

Everybody is talking about influence in 2012. Many of you have been asking us for more reporting in this area. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Klout to launch in-depth influencer analytics in Simply Measured. We now have 4 reports that help brands use Klout’s data to enhance social media reporting and ultimately take action. These reports put the Klout score, full influence metrics, and topics in context with your broader social media analytics. They let you find influencers, research new engagement opportunities, benchmark against competitors, and identify market trends.

One of those reports is available right now, for FREE – click here to measure influencers impact on your social media efforts.

Here’s an excerpt from my personal report

Simply Measured Klout Audience Analysis Report


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