Sbyke P-16I still consider myself a kid at heart and can still hang with the youngsters in a race and sporting activities.

At the ultimate kid showcase – Toy Fair 2012, Sbyke USA, is unveiling the P-16 hybrid rear-steering scooter.

This new model is designed and engineered for smaller riders, including kids 5 and older – so maybe I can’t fit on it, but my son and daughter would go crazy for this thing.

Steve Wilson, Co-Founder of Sbyke USA says, “Kids need play that challenges their motor skills. The Sbyke inspires them and intrigues their brains for hours at a time.”

The Sbyke is a hybrid that blends the best of bicycles, skateboards and scooters into something totally new, giving the rider mobility, precision control and a smooth ride. This three-wheeled, rear-steering scooter uses a large front BMX wheel to provide stability and substantially lower rolling resistance than existing scooters or skateboards. Its compact, lightweight design means riders can put and carry it almost anywhere.

The original P-20 model is engineered to accommodate most riders from ages 8 to 80. It began shipping in late 2011 and rounded out the year with the honor of being named in People magazine’s Holiday 2011 Gift Guide.

I’ll be looking for 2 of these at my local Toys R Us come Summer time.

Sbyke P-16 Hybrid Scooter - I Want That ! 1


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