Social Media in education

Gone are the days when we were concerned with aging textbooks and a lack of Number 2 pencils for our students.
We are now knocking firmly on the door of a fully “connected” and collaborative classroom.

With whole school districts giving students iPads and laptops and even smartphones to stay on top of their studies and assignments some may wonder if all this connectedness (I just made that word up…) is good for our students?

Take social media for instance. Do we really want our students tweeting, checking in, updating their status and giving the +1 when they should be listening attentively to the instructor?

The answer – yes and no. Check out this infographic which speaks precisely to the pros and cons of social media within our education system.

Would love to get your feedback.

Social Media in Education Infographic

[Infographic via Online Universities Blog | Image via]

Social Media in Education [infographic] 1



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