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Google has unveiled it’s Google+ Developer page. As should be shock to anybody the page is hosted on Google+. This page will allow developers to keep up to date on all of the happenings with Google+. It is a good thing to see Google using its own products for promotion of said product.

The Google+ Development team states that they will be hosting regular hangouts on Google+ as well as letting developers know about conferences and hack-athons that are related to Google+.

Coincidentally, I tried to add the Google+ Developer page to my circles and I could not. I was already signed in, but the page displayed as though I was not logged in. Even after logging in a dozen times it was still not letting me add them.

The only way I was able to add the Google+ Developer page was to see it in somebody else’s post, and then click on ‘Add to Circles’. Then it worked without any issue. It just sound like a little development bug.

The biggest question that many users have is where is the API for Google+. Sure, we are all probably aware of the read API that is currently available, but there is no write API currently in place.

Maybe it’s just me, but as soon as the Google+ development team releases the write API, Google+ will just be littered with spam accounts. Granted, Google+ is chock full of spam account now, but those must be created manually. Once this comes to fruition, it’ll only be on a much larger scale.

You can follow all of the Google+ Developer happenings on their blog or their Google+ page or even their developer website. If you are at all interested in Google+ development, any of these pages are great resources to keep an eye on, it’s only a matter of time before the Google+ platform becomes much bigger.

Source: Google+ Developer Page


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