The Facebook IPO 1It’s about to happen. Zuckerberg, and a large number of Facebook employees are going to become extremely paper rich !!

Are you planning to pick up a few hundred or so shares? My pockets aren’t that deep just yet, but if you’re in – good luck !

I’ll let this infographic do all the talking about what’s about to go down.

Created By: MBA Online Facebook IPO


  1. The money is technically paper, the stock could rise to $100 billion in value and hypothetically go down. That being said, I doubt that will likely happen. I think Facebook is pretty valuable in that it allows you a way to catch up with people that you have lost touch with and haven’t seen for years. If you spend all day on Facebook growing virtual crops you’re definitely misusing it. But if you use it to talk to people you haven’t seen in a while to connect with them, I think that’s fine. Will Facebook succeed as a business over the long haul? I think so, just looking at how entrenched it is in the popular culture, how many active users it has, how many big brands push their Facebook URLs in their TV and newspaper ads, how many companies are listed at that do nothing but promote business pages, and how strongly some of the other internet players (see Google pushing the bejezus out of Google+ for instance) are reacting to Facebook’s growth. I assume that barring something unusual Facebook is pretty well entrenched for the long haul. I think Facebook deserves some criticism, but also a lot of praise for building a decent platform. Now, obviously Mark Zuckerberg wants to make money from this, but he’s also delivering a fairly solid product that impacts peoples lives in positive ways. I see Facebook as having a very positive future provided they can avoid distractions, if Mark Zuckerberg keeps his head on his shoulders and doesn’t get caught up in the trappings of well. (I think he’ll do fine regardless of his personal character). The key thing for Facebook is that they have people, they have business support, and still no legitimate competition. And they have the biggest collection of social data in the world…which will come to a Facebook search engine near you sometime soon.


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