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As you all may know, Facebook has released the Timeline and making it part of everyone’s view.

I’ve been running the Timeline, like a number of other early adopters, for a few months now and really think that it is a great culmination and view of what your shared, digital life looks like. We can talk privacy and opt-in and opt-out concerns later – for now lets just talk about the cool photos and videos we’re all sharing on Facebook.

Well, to make those photos and videos standout even more, and connect with your viewers Facebook has worked collaboratively with Definition 6 to create the Timeline Movie Maker.

After opting in (see told you the privacy conversation would come up…), the app generates a movie based on your greatest hits, attempting to capture the highlights of your Facebook experience through the years by surfacing pieces of content with high levels of engagement.

It’s similar in format to the video Facebook made to introduce Timeline at the F8 conference in September featuring Andy Sparks.

It’s also reminds me alot of the Intel Museum of Me app that was introduced about a year ago.

Timeline Movie Maker will initially be available in English, French, Spanish and German, and will have five music soundtracks from which people can choose to create their minimovie. People can also customize their music selection, images, videos or check-ins at the end of the first automated video view.

“Timeline is about sharing the key moments of your life with your friends and family,” said Paul Hernacki, chief technology officer at Definition 6. “Timeline Movie Maker is evaluating highly engaged content in a chronological fashion, choreographing a user’s personal journey on Facebook, with content that has the most engagement and uses comment analysis to identify key life moments and where the user is tagged.”

Go here to create your own Timeline Movie. Click here to go check out mine.

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Facebook Timeline Movie Maker 2


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