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RIM Wants To #BeBold in 2012

I can honestly say I feel a bit sorry for RIM users and employees (not for their “leadership” team). It’s the users who love their BlackBerry devices and who sincerely want a quality product.

But when you have an executive team that has been caught up in all the nonsense they have as of late, and a new executive team running marketing campaigns such as this #BeBold one – man it hurts.

I do like the pretty colors in the infographic though.

Your thoughts?


James Hicks

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One Comment

  1. I’m an iPhone user, but I do appreciate some of Rim’s products. That being said, I can’t for the life of me understand this why somebody thought this campaign was a good idea. It speaks ill of Rim’s corporate culture that somebody important actually signed off on this. Were the people in the meetings just too scared to voice their opinions about this or is the entire company just that far gone? Regardless, doesn’t bode well for Rim’s future.

    1. @RBCud I agree with you. The dominos are starting to fall for RIM as Halliburton and some US government agencies have announced recently they are switching from Blackberry devices to either the iPhone or Android phones.

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