With today’s updated iPhone app, the team at Buffer has officially announced their support for the iPhone device.  This helps round out platforms that support the service.  Buffer’s blog states “The great thing is that we have completed our full range of mobile products with the iPhone App.  Our Android App, that has been out for a few months, has received some great responses, sending close to 15,000 updates every day.” (source


Buffer allows you to schedule tweets for release at certain times of the day so you don’t flood your followers at any point.  It was great if you were browsing the web and working at a computer.  However, if you were working or reading on your iphone or ipad, it was not as easy to schedule and manage your buffered tweets from those devices.

Where to get it – App Store.

Buffer - Buffer, Inc.

Do you use buffer or any similar tweet scheduling service?   Please share in the comments.

Buffer, Inc officially releases Buffer for iPhone  1


  1. Buffer is an awesome app/utility. I’ve been using it since practically Day 1 and the team behind the development are 100% focused on the right things – that’s the community.

    Congratulations to leowid and joelgascoigne on their continued success


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