Sharing our photos and videos, that’s what we want to do with these fancy smart, mobile devices (every once in a while maybe make a phone call, but that’s definitely becoming the secondary function).

Vidify is a neat, fully featured app that one of our writers found out about recently at the LA AppShow.

What Vidify does is simply the task of creating high quality video from your iDevice.

Vidify automatically edits music videos and montage videos on the fly using the footage from your camera roll and a soundtrack from your iPod/iPhone library.

“When we share personal videos, we’re sharing a story, and music can play a big role in communicating that narrative. When we developed Vidify, it was important that people had the option to tell their story to their favorite music, or to music that was deeply imbedded in the app,” states Ian Noe, co-founder of Nice Labs. “Users will be blown away with how a touch of a button results in creating a story that seamlessly blends from moment to moment as the music plays. It literally looks just like you spent hours editing it.”

What’s awesome – there’s NO editing required. Simply select your videos and your song and Vidify does the rest.


  • Use any video on your camera roll from any source
  • Use any track from your iPod library as a soundtrack
  • Fully licensed Featured Music Library with music by independent artists
  • Instantly share videos with your friends using Facebook, Youtube and email
  • Play wirelessly on your Apple TV
  • Fast processing times using the iPhone’s built in hardware
  • Create sharp hi-res videos (HD 720p)

Note: You’ll obviously want to be aware that using commercial music in your video will get rejected by YouTube. I hear that Facebook is also sending notices to people for using copyrighted, commercial audio in video montages – just be aware !!

Here’s video showing exactly how easy Vidify is to use.

Now the fun – we at THE Tech Scoop are running a little giveaway for your very own copy of Vidify. Enter the contest by following the instructions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck !


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