AAn App review by Eric - Vidify 1fter attending the LA App Show in Santa Monica one Apps stood out from all the rest for me and that App is called Vidify .


This App is awesome if I must say so. Vidify is a video editing tool for mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Vidify is user friendly and robust at the same time.

What I mean by that is you literally only have 3 steps to take but in those 3 steps Vidify does so much. See for yourself.

Vidify — Instant Video Maker from Nice on Vimeo.

After speaking with the Founder of Vidify, I asked “Why and How did Vidify come about?’

He stated, “My partners and I have all loved and used photo apps like Hipstamatic, Instagram, and Cross process and we were discussing how the average user and novice photographer can create amazing images with these tools bringing the power of great photos into the hands of the masses.” “When the iphone 4 came out and we found out it had HD video capabilities we were very excited and began to see the iPhone as a device which would soon replace point and shoot cameras and personal video recorders.” “The fact is your phone is always with you… But the problem with video is that most of the time, in order to create something compelling and interesting you have to edit your videos and that’s very time consuming and takes a lot of skill.” “ We created Vidify to try and bridge the gap between the iPhone’s amazing camera and the user’s ability to create and share the videos they shot with it.” “In the process we found we had to re-invent editing just a bit.” “ From here on out – we are working toward continuing to give users more control, while keeping the editing process as simple and user friendly as possible.”

Believe me, you can’t get any more simple than 3 steps… Can you?  We will see. Vidify in my opinion makes you look like a video pro.

As an added bonus we have been given a handful of free keys by the developer to give away. So here is how we are doing it. Sign into our raffle with either your Facebook page or email to be entered to win a free Vidify key.

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For more information on Vidify goto: Vidify



  1. Have been playing with these app…And it is amazing! Loving it! Quick question, do you know if this can work on an iTouch? I ask because when I installed it on my iPhone4, location services had to be turned on. So if my iTouch is not connected through wifi, will the app still function? Just wondering if you guys would know.

    • @jjraymond Great question JJ. Yes this app will work even if you’re not connected to a network. All of the processing happens locally. If you need additional video,photo or music clips you’ll obviously then need to connect to a network


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