This weekend Friday January 20, 2012 Underworld – Awakening opened up and after watching this movie I was in awe.Night at the movies with Eric: Underworld - Awakening 1

The Underworld franchise has never let me down in their previous movies and did not let me down with this release either.  It seems as though they always know how to take me to the edge of my seat.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie from start to finish.

In Underworld – Awakening the movie had a certain twist to the Vampire vs Lycan war in that the humans got involved after learning about their existence.  The humans began trying to eradicate the immortal beings to their extinction.

However as always Selene played by Kate Beckinsale started kicking butts and taking names.

If you are an Underworld fan just like me I highly recommend going to see this movie and definitely in 3D.  It’s awesome.

Tell me what you think.
Night at the movies with Eric: Underworld - Awakening 2


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