Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men kicks off in April

Marvel Entertainment is preparing to kick off what they are billing as “the biggest comic book event in history” when they pit 2 of their major franchises against one another.  The Avengers will be taking on the X-men in a battle “and only one side can emerge victorious!”


Wait, both of these groups are heroes right? Why are they fighting?

The back story for issue #1 is

The Phoenix Force is headed towards Earth and Captain America is determined to prevent the destruction of the whole world by stopping it. But when word gets to the X-Men that the Phoenix is returning, Cyclops will do anything he can to save it…including going up against Earth’s Mightiest! But who is right? Will mutantkind be saved or will the world be annihilated?

So, Cap wants to keep the earth safe and Mr. Summers must want to help save the mutants by somehow channeling the Phoenix force.  I suppose that’s as good a reason as any – too bad they couldn’t sit down at a coffee shop and discuss over a hot beverage, but that wouldn’t make for an entertaining comic.

Marvel is taking advantage of a couple newer technologies to market the series and generate interest.  First off, they did a live kickoff using livestream in conjunction with Google+ back in December.  They’re also encouraging fan participation on Facebook and Twitter.  The thing I’m most excited about is they are giving away a FREE digital copy with the purchase of the print copy.  For a comic fan who likes the portability of the electronic versions and maybe doesn’t want to damage the print version, this is a dream come true.

According to Marvel’s website issue #1 will be for sale on April 3, 2012

Who do you think will win?




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