With all the talk of the Internet as a whole lately and privacy and censorship and everything that surrounds that entire eco-system, not many headlines have come out about the vast amounts of data that are shared on a continual basis.

As we continue to share information (photos, videos, experiences, text messages, etc.) that all has to originate, transmit, and reside somewhere. That somewhere is the much alluded to Cloud.

We here at THE Tech Scoop have spoken of and about The Cloud on numerous occasions, and even though the phenomenon known as The Cloud is only about 4.5 years old, the concepts and infrastructure have been around for many more years. That being said, the concepts and infrastructure are going to continue to evolve and become much more relevant to the everyday conversation as we expect more of the data that we’re constantly consuming from our digital experiences.

Check this video from Cisco as they strive to “make it plain” precisely how important it is to be aware of where our data resides, how important it is to be vigilant to ensure that data is secure, and also, how important it is to ensure that we stay ahead of the consumption curve.



Cisco: Unified Datacenter, By the Numbers 1


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