Night at the Movies with Eric: Real Steel 1In doing research for this movie many comments really only touched on the fact that this movie was about a washed up fighter who despite all odds makes a come-back in the high-tech boxing world with an old beat up Robot. 
After I watched this movie I thought it was much more than that.  In my opinion the movie was about a dead Night at the Movies with Eric: Real Steel 2beat father making it right by bonding with a son whom he had nothing to do with in the beginning.Dakota Goyo plays Max Keaton the son who finds an old Robot and wants to put it in the ring to fight.

Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Keaton the washed up fighter and father of Max Keaton who realizes that he is on a downhill spiral.


When the two come together they find out just how important to one another they really are.


Now don’t get me wrong I loved the pound for pound metal robot combat mania however this movie was also heart wrenching and hit close to home with me as I am sure it may do for many of you.This movie was well put together.  It had the right amount of action mixed with a perfect amount of drama.Night at the Movies with Eric: Real Steel 3

Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo did a spectacular job keeping me engaged in the movie as well as did the rest of the cast including Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, and Kevin Durand.


As a father, I try to make the right decisions when it comes to my children and this movie brought out so many emotions in me.  And I have been told that I am not the most sensitive guy.  LOL


I highly encourage everyone to see this movie.  I really believe you will not be sorry.


See you at the Movies.



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