CES 2012 - Our Coverage 1


HicksNewMedia is once again headed to the show of shows, the event of events – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

We will be there with a FULL schedule of events planned and a FULL list of interesting people and companies to see.

All of our coverage will be showcased HERE on THE Tech Scoop and will updated as soon as possible. In fact, this post will be a running live blog below of the various sights, sounds, and keynotes we’re attending. (FOLLOW BELOW)

So stay tuned and make sure to follow us on Twitter @thetechscoop for even more up to the moment information.

Update 1: Spreecast video of my initial thoughts of CES 2012 (01/08/12)

Update 2: Here’s a sneak peak at a few interesting companies I’ll be tracking down on the showroom floor:


ClarityOne Audio


CSI globalVCard MasterCard

Live Blog

Photo Stream

CES 2012 - Our Coverage 2



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