Not only am I a writer/blogger I am also a father.  Unfortunately I live about 400 miles from my family which is why I am always trying to find ways to communicate with my loved ones.

Video sharing seems to be the best medium for me and for most of my family and friends.  The only downside is that as technical as I am most of my family and friends are not.  So when I share a video the recipients have a bit of trouble seeing the video if they are able to view it at all.  So my search for a better solution began.

After considerable research I had stumbled upon a site that looked as though it could solve all my video sharing worries.  The site was called

What is Givit you ask?  Their site states this:

Givit is a service that makes it easy to share video privately. With Givit families, friends and coworkers can share videos from any camera, Smartphone or camcorder.

That video you took of your son’s first soccer goal? Share it instantly with his grandma, his best friend’s dad, and his favorite cousin who lives across state.

In just a few clicks, you can upload a video, add recipients and a personal message, then click Send!

Viewers can watch your videos and respond privately from any computer, Smartphone or tablet. Givit is free, safe and secure, and it’s the ideal way for friends and families to share life’s important moments.

After reading about all I could do with I wanted to put the service to the test.

I went to the website, signed up for a free account and just like that I was ready to upload and share a video.

Next I downloaded the mobile iPhone app onto my iPhone and logged into my new givit account.

 (Note you don’t have to use the mobile app.  You can share directly from your computer)

Then I clicked on the ‘Share’ button Video Share - Review 1










From there you get a screen where you can select if you want to record a new video or Pick a video from your library. Video Share - Review 2










The next screen allows you to select recipients to send the video to. Video Share - Review 3










And finally on the same screen you have the ability to allow the recipient to reshare the video. Video Share - Review 4










That’s it.  It can’t get easier than that.  Can it?

Okay so that was my experience from a senders point of view.  Hmmm so how is the experience from a recipients point of view?

My first recipient stated “It was very simple and with simple screens” “Love it”. “We were even able to add comments to the video”

My second recipient stated “Wow!  I want to send my videos this way from now on”

Both of the people I sent a video to had very little technical ability.  That right there tells me this is the tool for me.  But don’t take my word for it.  Go to and try it yourself and tell me what you think.  I would love to hear your feedback.

In the meantime check out their video:


If you find yourself at the 2012 International CES event in Las Vegas at the Convention Center Jan 10 – 13 stop by Givit’s booth.



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