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Night at the Movies with Eric – Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

After watching Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol I can honestly say that I was definitely entertained. However as exciting as the movie was I felt they could have left some parts out. It seemed sort of long.

Having said that the movie had the key ingredients that I look for in a movie.

Right at the start of the movie there was action and plenty of it. Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise is up to his high flying, death defying feats and mad car chases once again. The fights scenes were so intense YOU would think that you were the one fighting the way you were moving in your seat during each action scene. And kids do not try them at home. jk

The movie also had a bit of humor sprinkled throughout. Simon Pegg a very funny comedian did a marvelous job playing Benji Dunn a technical field agent. He brings his english humor to the team with his sayings and antics. I have seen him in movies such as Hot Fuzz and Paul.

And speaking of Hot, actress Paula Patton played a very attractive and fierce field agent named Jane Carter. If you ask me her job was to look intimidating and seductive at the same time. She did a very good job of both. You will see what I mean guys.

So even though the movie seemed a bit long I totally recommend you go and see MI – Ghost Protocol. You will enjoy it despite the length.

See you at the movies.

Eric Burks

Eric is the founder of Messner-Burks Enterprise and iWorld Entertainment, a consulting and media company driven to help provide online marketing solutions for new and rising talents. Follow him on Twitter.

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