One of the biggest suprises at the International Motorcyle Show this past weekend in Long Beach, CA was the number of electric motorcyles on display by Brammo.
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We did expect to see this new technology; however, we were surprised at the number of models they had on display.

For those not in the know, there are motorcyles that strictly run on electricity – simply amazing.

The earliest reference to electric motorcyles can be found in American patents as far back as 1860. In 1911, Popular Mechanics published an article that stated electric motorcyles were available. In 2007, the Li-Ion cell-powered Killacyle reached a new speed record: 400 meters in 7.824 seconds at 1698 mph. During the early development of motorcyles, batteries were the primary source of power. As of late, fuel cell technology in several prototypes has pushed the envelope.

Brammo Inc had one of the largest and more impressive selection of new technolgies ast IMS. Aesthetics alone, these bikes are as Jetson as you can get in 2012. Streamlined, aerodynamic and ergonomically sound bottle rockets created with precision engineering are the adjectives that come to mind when sitting on one of their impressive models. Two stand-outs they had on display were the Enertia and Empulse.

The Enertia was designed with simplicity in mind. At first glance, it looks like a stripped down prototype. The styling and body chasis are wholly unique. “The award winning Enertia was voted electric motorcyle of the year in 2010 by” The Enertia will be on display for the reaminder of the IMS.

For you enthusiasts, here’s some stats to get your attention:

English: Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle
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Top Speed                    60+ mph / 95+ km/h

Power                           17 hp / 13 kw

Torque                          29.5 ft-lb / 40 Nm

Battery                          3.1 kWh Lithium Ion

Avg.Range*                 42 miles / 68 km

Weight                          324 lbs / 147 kg




The Empulse builds on the strenghts of the award winning Enertia. All models of the Enertia group exceed 100 mph for sustained periods. With its responsive handling and instant toruqe, the Empulse hugs the road. Whether you are driving through city traffic or bending the deepest curves, the Empusle tames the road.  Three models are currently available for purchase in the market:  Empusle 6.0. Empulse 8.0 and Empulse 10.0

Brammo Empulse Prototype Electric Motorcycle
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Top Speed                    100+ mph / 160+ km/h

Power                           54 hp / 40 kw

Torque                          59 ft-lb / 80 Nm

Battery                          10 kWh Lithium Ion

Avg.Range*                 100 miles / 160 km

Weight                          420 lbs / 190 kg




*Electric vehicle range is affected by a number of factors including; speed, acceleration, number of starts and stops, rider and cargo weight, changes in elevation, head winds and road surface.

There will be a lot to see at  the IMS.  Brammo is not to be missed.  As the advancement in ion battery technology improves, the electric motorcyle market share will contiue to grow.  Brammo is taking the lead in this industry. The large crowd at Brammo’s booth is indicative of the popularity of this new technology.  For the remaining dates of IMS, be sure to stop by the Brammo booth.


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