Jonah Mowry Tells "What's Goin On" #StopBullyingNow 1I saw this video on the news earlier today and, not only as a parent, but as a compassionate human being, I was also brought to tears by the plight of this young man.

Jonah Mowry, the young teen in the video, is not the only child being affected by bullying, but he definitely brought it front and center to this socially engaged world with close to 7.5 million views to his ‘What’s Goin On’ video below.

We gotta help our youth. Can’t have people afraid, scared, and harming themselves.We also need to consciously reach out to those that are instigating the bullying and help them understand the possible tragic consequences of their actions.

Let’s pledge to be vigilant and conscious about this effort folks. Please share – would love to get your thoughts and reactions to not only this video, but the overall topic of bullying.

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Jonah Mowry Tells "What's Goin On" #StopBullyingNow 2


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