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2011 International Motorcycle Show – Media Day

by Eric Burks on December 9, 2011
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The International Motorcycle Show -IMS- kicked off it’s first day of a 3 day event in Long Beach today.   It was a jaw dropping and yet informative experience to say the least.

After growing up with a father that was all about the “Perfect” motorcycle, attending IMS was like reminiscing about all the stories my father used to tell me.  My dad is a Harley-Davidson man by definition however he was a motorcycle enthusiast in every sense of the word.  Although his Harley was his passion, I remember the day he traded it in for a custom Big Dog bike: the Mastif to be exact.  Which brings me back to IMS.  He learned about the new motorcycle from a show much like IMS.

In my opinion, IMS is “THE” event for all motorcycle enthusiast who want to experience all the latest and greatest in motorcycle technologies.  The event showcases motorcycle accessories and apparel as well as the newest motorcycles for the year.

When I walked through the venue doors I was greeted with a wide array of motorcycle genres ranging from cafe style to road and off-road bikes.  Some of the makes included Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Victory, Kawasaki, believe it or not BMW, Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and more.  I am sure you can see why this is a 3 day event.

Jennifer Hoyer, the media relations and spokesperson for Harley-Davidson spoke about 3 new Harley-Davidson future exhibits.   Interestingly enough she also spoke about an one of the 3 exhibits being held during Black history month showcasing the African-American contribution to the motorcycle sport history.  Check out the video shot from my iPhone.

The CEO of Triumph introduces two new bikes on their second year at IMS.


Ducati models practicing for the Ducati fashion show.


Eric Burks
Eric is the founder of Messner-Burks Enterprise and iWorld Entertainment, a consulting and media company driven to help provide online marketing solutions for new and rising talents. Follow him on Twitter.
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