Looks like Logitech is going to give us Revue owners a Christmas present and get our devices upgraded to the new Honeycomb OS before the end of this week.


In a post published on their official blog, VP and General Manager of the Digital Home Group, Ashish Arora wrote that the update will be automatically pushed to your device for free.

Logitech Revue Update Coming This Week 1

Per Arora, some of the key developments include more entertainment choices such as access to Android Market; faster and more comprehensive search and browse capabilities; a simplified user interface, and improvements to the Logitech Media Player.

With the Android Market now available through your Logitech Revue, you’ll get new and useful apps all the time, such as the new Google Music app, making your Logitech Revue the fastest growing entertainment hub in your living room. At launch, the Android Market will feature around 50 apps optimized for HDTV, and we expect number of apps to increase over time.

This is a welcome update and we’ve been anxiously awaiting this to happen ever since Logitech assured owners that the Revue platform was in fact NOT dead and WOULD get upgraded – I saw these things flying off the shelf at my local Best Buy during the weekend after Thanksgiving.

So if you’re like me and have already upgraded your Logitech Harmony iApp and find it presently useless – a few hours/days of additional patience and we will be back in business.

As soon as I get my system upgraded I’ll post a review of the user experience and see if those “50 apps optimized for HDTV” are actually worthwhile.

Logitech Revue Update Coming This Week 2


  1. So – I’m guessing that “end of the week” doesn’t necessarily mean Friday since I just tried AGAIN to do the update and nothing.

    We’ll see @Logitech – you officially have another 48 hours before I start flaming ya 🙂

  2. Love to know more about the Logitech.. I come to the right site.. Thanks for sharing this great information.. I really learned a lot form you..


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