Occupy Wall Street Shows Struggles of America's Seniors 1
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The Occupy Wall Street protest that began in September of 2011 is becoming quite a big deal across the nation and around the world. At first, people assumed it to be a group of young protestors who were fighting to make a stand against big corporations. The rumors circulated that this protest was about a bunch of “privileged young adults who had nothing better to do”, or that it was for this reason or that reason. Because of the lack of media coverage until more recently, most people didn’t even understand the point of this protest or that it was such a big deal.


If you look past the college students and recent graduates, beyond the front lines of the young, rebellious crowd who are protesting for their future, you will find something a bit more shocking: older Americans who are coming together in solidarity to protest for their right now. Everyone has an idea that today’s seniors don’t have as many resources or financial benefits as they used to, but the information that is being seen through this protest marks a startling number of senior citizens who are financially strapped and facing serious life issues because of it.

A simple search through the news available regarding these protests will show you stories like the seniors who were arrested in New York City, the 65+ crowd who cannot pay their rent or afford their medications because they lost pensions or had to face other serious financial issues, and even those who are facing life on the streets after working their entire lives as a productive member of society because they have no one to help them out. It’s frightening, to say the least, and it’s a definite example of how important it is to plan for the future because it seems that these days, no one is going to help you so you’ve got to help yourself.

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Occupy Wall Street Shows Struggles of America's Seniors 2


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